We are Independent Technology Company

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Our objective

Fintllect is a team of professionals in the field of developing software solutions for the financial and commercial industries that use an iterative methodology for doing business driven by clearly defined business processes: electronic trading platforms, exchange solutions, electronic money systems, distributed high-load data storage systems, banking automation systems activities, highly loaded web applications.

Our role

At different times, our team has implemented a large number of large-scale projects in the field of electronic commerce, financial systems, data storage and storage systems, microcredit organizations. We carry out a full cycle of work from preliminary analysis and creation to implementation and maintenance of final products using modern project management techniques and modern development technologies. Company Services: Development and maintenance of software; Consulting in the field of information technology; Documentation of information systems; System integration; Services for testing information systems.

What we do?

We combine innovation with digital craftsmanship to help brands fulfill their potential.

  • Fintech.

    Create innovative technology banking products and services with full recognition.

  • Development.

    Our main technology stack currently: Java, Kotlin, Objective-C, Swift, AR, VR, Core Graphics, ElasticSearch, Redis, Blockchain.

  • Consulting.

    Project management execution, focused on delivering end-to-end transformation initiatives

  • Design.

    We perform UX & design for the customer and product interaction and implement it in graphics.

Our works

Taplend is a financial help platform, giving an access fast, safe and 100% online loans, provided by people or financial institutions.

Our works

Boxdrive is peer-to-peer cloud. Secure storage for one, passive income source other. All files that you store on in our cloud are encrypted, sliced into chunks, replicated and then distributed between thousands of personal computers, making it impossible for anyone to compromise your confidential files.

Our works

Fastogo is a mobile self checkout solution that bring the best of the online checkout experience to physical retail stores.

Our works

This is a freeware software developed by the State Tax Service to simplify settlement procedures for sellers and consumers.

Our works

There are no more lines and cash desks for you. Scan product barcodes, pay by credit card inside the application and exit from the store in a good mood. Do not waste your time standing in lines.

We use the most modern software development methodologies, including flexible iterative approaches to get fast results. The company relies on significant experience in software development, highly qualified developers and a wide range of technological tools for developing software products.

We use Agile even with large customers helping to build a mutually convenient interaction processes. These processes are the basis both for efficiency and comfort.

Our team has a significantly wide range of practical competences from integration with legacy enterprise software to the formation of technological products of tomorrow.

Our clients

How do we work?

We are real people with a sincere desire to create and launch new quality products.

We offer a comfortable and high quality full-cycle development without myths, stupid managers, quality mediocre and frustrated expectations.

This is our contribution to your business, which you change reality for the better. Every system, every mobile application or design we do like for ourselves. Qualitatively and from the heart.

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